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Through workshops, tours to sacred sites, private healing and counseling sessions, Jane is here to serve, & to collaborate with others. She is grateful to those who have supported her along the way, who know that we are all part of a larger community, sharing the same hopes and dreams for the future. Read More…

Jane’s Journeys

Jane specializes in bringing spiritual seekers together as part of global & personal transformation. Having experienced profound shifts in her own consciousness after traveling with other seekers to sacred sites, Jane has dedicated herself to creating magical & powerful journeys for others.
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Through inquiry and guidance Jane will take her client into places where limiting beliefs and constructs are keeping the client from moving forward in their lives.  People break open to higher levels of awareness, clear pathways so that they can align themselves with their souls.
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Jane’s Workshops include:

  • Inquiry and Transformation
  • The Egyptian Mysteries
  • Manifesting Your Soul’s Journey.

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